The Current Situation…

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You know its easy to believe in conspiracy theories- the current situation has been a big set-up by the surreptitious powers-that-be- to consolidate the rightward trend against the downsizing trend (that which potentially affects the military industrial complex anyway)- now they have a free hand and out the window with “political correctness” and any other political-economic hindrance, of course the media (mind control) is a tool and part and parcel of global monopoly-capitalism (imperialism of the 21st century)- Russia is now basically impotent, China’s poor and backward is mesmerized by the promise of the big bucks- US interests recently re-consolidated (tech/efficient) can now move into the fertile rich territory of the Middle East/Gulf/South Asia… Media (propaganda) is the next front after the military/political/ economic (or in collusion with) Just look at the history of the present cast of characters in control of the “war”, etc…. Al Kueda (mis-spelled on purpose to avoid keyword surveillance) a creation of “our own” may have gone renegade but played right into “our” hands- so conveniently opened the door for the US to move right in (“re-align our forces”)- totally justified a Western presence in those Islamic countries here-to-fore out-of-the-question…”globalization” at satellite speed.

Ebb and flow…

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Ebb and flow, howling goes nature’s cloud
Effected by humanity and is paradise lost
Where spirit could ease but now cease
Resultant more so than not, from narrow self
In those minds where empathy is frowned
Not of those for just welfare nor survival
Hidden truths, lies condoned and disavowed
While enabled through denied complacency
The system of ignorance binds and blinds
Simplicity is warped in the path of complicity
So the great gray entities collude and combine
And continually transmit its powerful means
Its matter and effect ever reaching across time
Seeking more ways and the same to the end
Though those exponents should be bound
Albeit through dissolution, solutions for change
All now seemingly ever so much improbable…

Everything is Something…

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Everything is something

Just look to be able to see

Of the clouds and the background ringing

It’s important understanding what it means

It is the reality and in the dream

That something consists of everything

That everything is in the roots and the bean

The thing’s where it stands and emanating

Without everything else’s support it cannot be

As leaves to a tree; flowers to the bees

It is unique alone standing spreading

Dependent on the existence of everything

Everything’s only nothing sans somethings

Somethings in line may continue succeeding

Big, small, black, white, purple, in between

Everything works to preserve, for failure is limiting

Somethings are struggling but everything is forgiving

Just look to understand all things and see

everything’s somethings are some things precious

and should be revered in reality and dreams

And hopefully everything will be…

East to West

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East to west,

thin beacon of light,

the compression of flight,

heavy in the going,

not getting back,

a scene now sanitized,

multiple peripherals,

colors muted,

blending to white,

gradually fading,

so now north or south?…

Once in a lifetime

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It’s not only in a dream fantastic

but a conscious simulation can be arranged

any situation is part of reality’s randomness

occurring in a flash; the blink of an eye

in determination, indeterminate, via déjà vu,

a chance of return to the place-

It’s only within the senses realized

response to the stimulus of the synaptic

photons are intercepted, the reception split

and though through eyes of a child

anew and in awe, wrapped in excited emotion

perception is transformed, unknowingly mediated-

A being exists in separation within the chaos

spirit of mind and body seek to immerse

the past, previously and now, resurrected

pre-ordained to unfold, to end, to repeat

in a multitude of closed and far-reaching levels

only the viewer’s eyes clearly remain-

all, one, only once, and forever…


Where are they?…

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Where are they? Those who, as we were told would be around, those that are good: having kindness and generosity, being straight-forward and honest, non-competitive and sharing, the humble and unassuming ones who maintain and exhibit integrity; those who, as one and all, can trust to defend and support us, with truth and sincerity, from near or far, being sensitive and concerned, not minding our weaknesses, helping us to be better, patiently teaching us the proper way, accepting and correcting our behavior, allowing and soothing our emotions, where face is not paramount? …longing and yearning for those good ones, but only feeling forlorn, even whist among the family and friends who are by our side, are there really those who are truly there? Where are they, those good ones? Above all, …I wonder where i am in all this…

The Requirements

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Really it’s only

in a context so relevant

that we grasp meaning

when we get the word

to get and to give

to send and receive,

and see the way it works

then through the practice and perfection

we begin to understand the aim

and how to use it to produce things

the concept becomes compact and clear

and from observing and in contrast

but comes a time to check, at the level

then to know the lexi’

reply to the needs and realize the response

it’s natural to re-apply something learned…